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     Sources for Other Stuff You'll Need




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<LI> <H3><a href="http://www.salemdist.com/precision/index.asp">Salem Distributing Company </a>  

A great source for abrasives, polishing compounds, and pitch.  

They carry professional grade Gugolz pitch.  1-800-456-8468 </H3>



<LI> <H3><a href="http://www.willbell.com/">Willmann-Bell, Inc.</a> 

Another source for grinding and polshing supplies, as well as ceramic 

tiles and a hugh assortment of books on astronomy and telescope making. 1-804-320-7016 </H3>



<LI> <H3><a href="http://skyandtelescope.com/">Sky and Telescope Magazine</a>

The definitive astronomy magazine and website, with numerous links to related sites. 1-800-253-0245 </H3>





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